The hand that hunted
         gathered wild berries
dried them in the sun
         pounded them to a powder
mixed with charcoal
         and earth ochres
blew the pigment
         over the hand pressed
to the cave wall
         to leave a negative print

a herd of steppe bison
         horses    deer    a wild boar
polychromes in the Great Hall
         and swathes of abstract markings

nothing casual about the art
         premeditated and planned
executed to perfection
         the bison perfectly proportioned
the thunderous heart still beating
         the fiery eyes looking down at us
across the centuries
         that are as dried leaves
in the wind

Time captured for all time
         art that is life’s signature
personality that defines
         our humanity
our collective singularity
         beauty is truth is love
is life ennobled

John Lyons


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