Washington Roebling

Washington Roebling

From his window
         stubble on unshaven cheeks
the crippled engineer
         looks out over the harbour
as day by day
         the towers rise up and cables
are spliced and strung
         a proposition that has come
to be an obsession
         and an act of love
the binding of two parts
         his life transformed
into landscape
         indelible on the skyline
a place of congregation
         and disparate communion
a paradigm
         a passageway for the living
and for the dead
         they carry in their hearts
a filter of dreams
         and despairing moments
an affirmation that feeds
         the lone eye
birth of a view
         among the spiders
so it soars
         arpeggios of light
rippling in the shifting
         waters below
the structure stirs and is alive
         an impulse of beauty
caught in the curve
         of memory

John Lyons


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