Insofar as yesterday
         no longer exists
let’s not cry over it
         it’s gone
but we’re still here
         whatever blunders
we made
         they’re gone too
all in the past
         and nobody can
ever live there
         you know that
only too well
         don’t you

Sure we all make mistakes
         things we wish we’d never done
but love is a corrective
         it’s the balm that soothes the soul
and it renews the face of the earth
         every day without fail
love forgives and forgets
         and moves forward
on to the better things
         the day has to offer

Insofar as your beauty
         does not diminish
nor my love for you
         let’s make a day of it
let’s make a night of it
         let’s take eternity
one step at a time
         and enjoy each moment

John Lyons


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