Recomposing Tancredi

Composizione, Tancredi (1955)

Recomposing Tancredi

Geometry of chaos
           oil and tempera on canvas
also universe / dated 1955
           as was Tancredi’s eye
when he captured the rich spectrum
           of spectral cosmic light
Loud yellows and blues and blacks
           fiery reds and soothing titanium white
: all shapes are here all moods 
           and texts and textures
nothing dead nothing silent
           nothing inert

a composition to evolve
           through and beyond time
here is love rhythm dance music
           so that the eye never rests
as it feeds on this feast
           of reckless colour
admires the abandon
           behind every gushing stroke

Look and ye shall find all things
           deep below the surface
the building blocks
           of drifting dreams of flesh and blood
unfettered town and country imagination
           and necessary quantum explosion
of boundless units of energy :
           here lies my life love alive
and kicking
           her lips eyes hair breasts
her resplendent joie de vivre
           so entrancingly rendered

John Lyons

Painting observed on 10 February 2017 during a visit to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice


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