Jackson Pollock – a portrait

A portrait of Pollock, John Lyons (oil on canvas)

Jackson Pollock – a portrait

Asked about his technique
           Pollock replied : I paint
with my corpuscles
           with my red and white cells
with every damned fibre
           of my body and my soul
with my chromosomes
           with my DNA
the synapses of my mind
           with my flesh
and with my bones
           I use it all

I paint my life
           for my life
with my life
           with my time
and with my breath
           and with all that I see
and hear and sense
           and understand and don’t
the mysteries including
           the love and the endless pain
and the white silences
           on the edges of existence
I paint my heaven and my hell
           and every virtue and vice
and it all just pours
           out of one black abyss
into another white abyss
           s’all I can say

John Lyons


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