The River

The river
The River, John Lyons

Three years ago

This is where we meet
            in the eyes of the mind
or of the heart on streets
            that the rain has swept
where early blooms
            have defied the season

We traipse through
            the long galleries
where feelings hang
            in frames and we examine
the colours and the textures
            of others’ lives
the long brush strokes
            or flicks of the palette knife
and in the hall where
            the bronze sculptures laze
a deep note sounds
            of young whales 
struggling to reach
            the surface

And all day long
            our shadows
are in hot pursuit
            and our tongues
never cease to babble
            and our convergence
has brought a new confection
            into the world
there is after all
            an ineffable art to love

John Lyons


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