We make our own bed

Feel You, Tracey Emin (2014)

We make our own bed

It’s instinctive
            it’s in the genes
whether primates in the forest
            or you and I in our flats or town houses
each and everyone of us
            has to bed down for the night
to get through until the sun rises
            and life beckons us outwards

And so it is we carry our frames
            throughout the day
to labour in the marketplace
            or to rest and relax at play
until evening comes and with it
            the open arms of the one we love
our bodies shared upon the bed
            that together we have made

John Lyons

And so on Sunday afternoon to the White Cube gallery in Bermondsey Street, to see Tracey Emin’s spectacular show. The photos of paintings on the gallery website cannot do justice to the beautiful pale full-bodied intimate portraits on display. The brush strokes are instinctive and the media simple, but she has her dimensions down to a T. And the huge bronze sculptures are absolutely staggering. On Sunday we were graced with the artists’s presence and it lent a certain frisson to a wonderful afternoon.

The exhibition, Tracey Emin: A Fortnight of Tears, runs until 7 April, but hurry on down, as you may wish to visit it again and again.



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