Yesterday a chaffinch


Yesterday a chaffinch

The world that I see
           from my window
consists of a hill
           a stretch of woodland
and a pale blue sky

there’s an uneven line
           of trees on the horizon
and whenever I look
           outwards I see birds
of every description

yesterday a chaffinch
           with its rusty red underbelly
added a little colour
           to my life when it perched
on the garden fence

I noticed its electric eyes
           alert to the slightest movement
that could spell danger
           and yet serenely confident
in its ability to survive

John Lyons



One thought on “Yesterday a chaffinch

  1. Another beautiful poem to see us through the dark days of isolation. Nature, the birds, the changing trees, all keep us company and, as John Joseph writes, bring colour to our lives.
    His words over the past weeks have been reflective of how many of us are feeling and I thank him for sharing his undoubted talent with us.


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