At midnight – the moon hour

At midnight – the moon hour

There should be a straight line
           between you and me
but that is not the case
           between us lies the ocean and land
with mountains and deep valleys
           and cascades of water that pour
into streams and rivers
           and there are vast plains
and semi-deserts
           and all manner of obstacles
are strewn across our paths
           yours to me and mine to you

A body is to be cradled
           in the body of another
under the starlight
           that invades the earth
at midnight – the moon hour
           when the forest leaves
turn to silver and chill winds
           rattle the bones
of dying trees

Here we lie naked
           innocent nimble names
noted in love’s ledger
           a legend still moist
with aching breath
           determined never to die

John Lyons


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