Eyes trapped in time

Eyes trapped in time

The eyes have it
           when the vision
is precise
           when the hand
can trust
           what the eye
has seen
           With my little eye
I look for the clock
           that still works
on monuments cathedrals
           or dare I say
on the Conciergerie
           where prisoners
were once held
in the dark depths
           of time

or where land
           and sea meet
where the sun rises
           and where the sun sets
all measured
           by the human eye
infinity trapped
           along with us all
in time
           shaped by time
our loves
           and our losses
our calculated lives
           my flesh and blood
alongside the rough bark
           of millenial oaks
the tender integument
           of my heart

Anyone can do
           the maths
life and death
           the algorithms
to which we all

John Lyons

N.B. Edited from an earlier post

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