Breath lives


Breath lives

Not the surface
            of things
but the fact
            that breath lives
in starlight
            whether it comes
from her eyes
            or the warmth
of her smile
            or of her words

just as flowers
            come forth
from within
            the earth
being of the earth
            the hyacinths
and the tulips
            and the irises
that you place
            in a cut glass bowl
generations of them
            to adorn
the mahogany table
            the light refracted
through the crystal

the movement
            of matter
in the flesh
            the fluidity
of our bodies
            the restlessness
of every living cell
            the urge to embrace
beauty in every
            shape and form
so that Venus
            is not diminished
or eclipsed
            by the sun

            daisies and buttercups
litter the lawn
            their colours bright
against the rich
            green grass
but not the surface of things
            the purpose of things
the pretty notes
            of the May madrigal
the air wreathed
            with love

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