Thanks for the memories

Thanks for the memories

           how you go
the agility of thought
           darting here and there
following every hunch
           putting two and two together

The sly black cat
           with white underbelly
contemplates the bobbing magpie
           dressed in its orchestral best
if only I had wings
           there’s a thought
how do you feel about that
           wise guy ?

Mind mountains
the dizzying heights
           here where the light
fades to darkness
           where love keeps the soul alive
where beauty and truth
           go hand in hand

When I’m done
           plant me in the ground
and let me grow
           into a mighty oak
feed my acorns to the hogs
           explain to little children
how I vowed never to die
           unless to be born again
into the light
           of love

John Lyons

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