Settled Sunday dust


Settled Sunday dust

The rain drawled
           all night long
my eyes are open now
           but I’m still sleepy
there is a dampness
           in the air and everything
I see from my window
           is a little greener

Out on the street
           I hear a loud male
Mexican voice
           speaking Spanish
though this is not Mexico
           far from it but nowadays
I suppose anywhere
           can be anywhere
with a little imagination :
           around the corner
from Trotsky’s house
           I had one of the best meals
of my life
           that was years ago
and a lot of dust
           has settled since

A trip to Mexico and beyond
           that was the ticket
I travelled with a straw hat
           and a pair of eyes and ears
and I remember it all
           as though it were yesterday
the past only exists for the living
           and no love passes
it lives on and on
           for ever and ever
as the saying goes

John Lyons

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