Notes from my window

Notes from my window

Green upon green upon green
           this skyline filled with mature
oak and elm and horse chestnut
           and hazel and birch and yew

I admire the chiaroscuro
           the shifting shades of colour
as the light plays upon the foliage
           This is ancient woodland
deep-rooted in the hillside
           tightly packed to deliver
strength in numbers
           when storm winds blow

and within its shadows

           a safe haven for all manner
of creatures : for chiffchaffs
           and lesser spotted woodpeckers
and for bats and owls
           and foxes who fill
the night air with their cries
           for insect life that barely sees
the light of day
           for bluebells and wild garlic
for lily-of-the-valley
           for primrose and wood anemone
for pre-historic ferns
           and creeping ivies

here where light
           is transformed into life
here where we once walked
           hand in hand in love

John Lyons


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