The fragility of roses

The fragility of roses

A sensible decision
           to stay at home
yesterday evening
           to stare at the Sunday moon
and allow its light
           into one’s dreams

Roses bathed in moonlight
           are a thing of great beauty
as though all were fragility
           our destinies petal-shaped

In the shadows
           conflicting choices
are finally resolved
           the fountain of life
is unending

In my memory
           the supple willow branches
bend and sway in the wind
           and sometimes nothing happens
and that’s fine too

There must be a purpose
           to flowers and also to love
In a universe in which
           every atom dances indefinitely
there must be some definition
           What she breathed into my life
what she exhaled
           the shape now of her absence
of her resounding silence
           a garden gone to wrack and ruin

John Lyons

Revised text


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