Crossed wires

Crossed wires, John Lyons (40 x 40 cm, oil on canvas)

Crossed wires

Two thick colours
           cut with a knife
crossed wires spread
           with a stiff brush
so that the paint
into iridescent
           skeins of light

a canvas
           is not an excuse
for dreariness
           or it might
just as well
           be a sack
but neither is drab
          daintiness required

a single meaning
           is quite meaningless
because everyone prefers
           a little variety
in the weather
           as long as the damp
does not get
           into the bones

let us say
           without fear of pretension
or contradiction
           that art is both a search
and a voyage of discovery
           and sometimes a flower
will never look the same
           after a decent portrait

but never forget
           there is a perfect climate
for every cake
           and a broken promise
should never be forgiven
           in the meantime
a good composition
           can bridge the gap
between one solitude
           and another

John Lyons

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