On a dark night on a sunny day

On a dark night on a sunny day

A cluster of words
           and how words cling
           on a dark night
on a sunny day
           so that in the sense of it all
words have their locations
           just like everything else

And Gertrude asks
What is a hinge ?
           and amiably answers
it’s a location
           just as love is

our lives hinge necessarily
           on and around those we love
and there are many other hinges
           just as our lives move in all directions
and many clothes hang in many wardrobes
           and if we keep our eyes peeled
we notice that there are clusters
           all around us
separations and segregations
           one quorum at breakfast
another at supper
           another at lunch

and we mind what happens
           to those we love
just as we mind the time
           and naturally the moment
and make the happiest of arrangements
           and life is a kind of exercise
and sometimes we get better at it
           and sometimes we don’t
and in order for our sanity to survive
           we first forgive ourselves
for all our frail imperfections and then
           we forgive others for theirs
and pray that they
           will respond in kind

John Lyons

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