I love the stillness

I love the stillness

I love the stillness
           of these early summer mornings
when the sun is up
           but most of the world is still asleep
already the sky is blue
           and the air warm
I water the plants and flowers
           in the garden and soak in the silence

Yesterday was a fine day
           full of satisfaction
and I was happy to note
           the achievement of others
By the railway line I noticed
           the canes of blackberry
coming into their own
           this year should be a bumper crop

Yesterday was truly a fine day
           but today could outshine it
I have my expectations
           It’s good to be alive
to be drawing breath
           in these troubled time
to have contact
           with friends and family
and to know that love
           is never far away
and to be thankful
           for all the old loves
and the new loves that give
           so much meaning to my life

John Lyons

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