Love’s conundrum


Love’s conundrum

Soft gentle rain
           falls as a whisper
in the night
           a measure of silence
a measure of distance
           a measure of stillness
when all human appetites
           are at peace

Summer on the wane
           mosquitoes in retreat
even the roses
           even the orchids
know that their days
           are numbered

Look at the ocean shores
           where time has turned
stone to sand :
           what should last forever
never does

In the fields
           meat on the hoof
cattle lowing under a full moon
           fresh pastures
where the grass
           may be greener
herded into trucks
           aware of nature’s
gold standard
           that all things end

and yet
           the play’s the thing
in which lovers bind
           and blindly cling to hope
although they know
           that the odds are stacked
: time tells one story
           love another
—but where
           does the truth lie ?

John Lyons

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