Wild country of the soul

Wild country of the soul

Wild rhapsody of wind
          through the trees
birds at play screeching
pigeons cooing
          on a neighbour’s roof
prelude to love
          I have a good ear
for such things
          and an arsenal of words
to deploy
          in any event

I imagine a man
          and a woman
          I imagine that it is
you and I
          but where are you ?

The orchestra strikes up
          but where are you ?
your hair floats
          across a distant pillow
you are on stage
          and have forgotten
your lines
          you have forgotten
your place and all the emotions
          we once shared

Beneath the surface
          I know there is turmoil
though not a ripple visible
          on your pale face
but I know your world
          I have a delicate ear
for such things
          the why and wherefores
of where you have chosen
          to live
the wild country
          of your soul

John Lyons

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