Love’s creation


Love’s creation

Love’s creation
an ocean of words
of colour on canvas
of notes on a stave
dance steps
on a sprung floor
all shapes and sizes
and the rain that feeds
all growing things
pearls within an oyster
and a green knight

child of the woods

I grew into my life
fought fears and learnt
to breathe the air freely
my shy feet carried me
overseas and back
but I have always been
where I am and
I am since you
drowning amid

I have peered
into your smile
known the danger
and survived
you are a singular
kingdom crowned
with living coral
I am the spirit
that creeps upon you
at night and sleeps
within your breath
my hands and wrists
are tied to your service
there are no corners
in our tomorrow only
our love’s creation

John Lyons

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