A trip to Hastings

St Clement's Church

The earth and the sky
        and in between
the white cliffs
        and the rolling sea
from sunrise
        to sunset—our lives

In old wooden huts
        down by the shore
old men and women
        silently mend the nets
the air heavy with brine
        and the stench of sea debris
broken shells and damp
        seaweed underfoot

We were there
        for a few short hours
one summer’s day
        and when we walked
among the backstreets
        we came across a row
of Tudor buildings
        and we felt as though
it was our discovery

And in those days
        it felt too as though life
belonged to us
        that it was our world
and that we would
        always be in love
with it and with
        each other

John Lyons

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