You can’t go home again

A glimpse at dusk of the wide Thames flowing
smooth and steady and grey and full      seawards
Black boats and green banks      and a cormorant
perched on a rusty barge    
                       How everything has changed
since I was a child      the skyline      and the decay
of the wooden wharves      
                                 Manmade renewal
has done little to improve the scene but
the pigeons and white gulls remain a constant
           Patsy reminds me
                           that you can never bathe in
the same river twice     She’s full of such wisdom
On a hill overlooking Greenwich stands a statue
of General Wolfe
            You can’t go home again
Thomas       none of us can      The river unwinds :
like life     like love 
                    There’s no way back to the start

John Lyons

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