This morning’s coffee

This morning the coffee’s stronger than ever
borderline undrinkable.      Measure for measure
Patsy always overloads the machine.
          She says
“Secret to a happy life is to make it up as you
go along.”   “Extemporise.” “Live on the fly.”
     Someone should make a book
                                        of Patsy’s pearls.
Patsy should.
             “All’s well that ends well,” she says.
“Method madness is a recipe for disaster.”
I’ve been boiling eggs since I was knee high.
How many hours hovering over a pot
of boiling water, counting the minutes.    Four.
Dead time      waiting for the toast to pop up
Sparrows chirping in the bushes while I
review the profit
                          and loss of my life.

John Lyons

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