Happy holidays

Happy holidays

Blindingly blue skies
         full-throated birds barely able
to contain themselves
         anxious to get down
to the boisterous business

         of what big boy and girl birds
do when the summer hots up
         nestle down
into cosy nests

         while the hay shines

On my way to vote for democracy
         – London may once again
have a mayor –
         I pass a shop that sells
reptiles and snakes
         and offers boarding
pure and simple
         not the water sport
favoured by the architects
         of the illegal war in Iraq
—no need to name names
         they know who they are
they sleep with their
         ghastly reflections
every night


these kennels
         are the real deal
for newts and spiders
         for lizards and tortoises
scorpions and vipers
         for frogs and bearded dragons
for whatever creeps
          and whatever crawls

John Lyons


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