Stop press – Jonah author absconds

Secure facility

Unconfirmed reports are coming in that the author of the saga of Jonah and Anna-Belle has absconded from the secure NHS facility in Whitby where he had been receiving treatment from the eminent Dutch psychiatrist, Dr Van Helsing. This is most alarming if it proves to be true.

Seems that when staff went to our man’s room at around 9.30 this evening to take him his cocoa, they found the room empty, and discovered a note he had apparently left on his bed.

If all is true we know only too well where he will be heading.

Dear dear me! Where will this all end?

The Editor would like to wish all those readers who have been holidaying on the Continent recently and will be returning to this green and wet but still pleasant land this weekend, a safe and comfortable journey home. Your loyalty has truly been appreciated.