A world fit for love

A world fit for love

Emerson was right

      : thought makes things
fit for use
      and Zukofsky echoed

There is no life

      without purpose
no exalted rose
      no winedark Aegean Sea
no beauty or truth
      no love

The poet’s task
      is to tell itas it is
to denounce the tyrant
      to laud good governance
to align with the poor
      with the aged
with the weak the infirm
      to petition for justice
to abhor each criminal act
      whatever its provenance

So Homer blindly sang
of Helen’s beauty

and of the strength and wit
      of Ulysses
and in poetry

      Dante delivered Beatrice
from hell’s depths
      Kosmos equals beauty
so thought makes a world

      fit for use and together
we make a life

      fit for love

John Lyons


I too have lain under trees

I too have lain under trees

 It’s our duty
      to be attentive
      that sets us apart
that brings us
not just in times
      of emergency
but as we gaze
      into a pair
of pale blue
or green 
      or hazel eyes
and whisper

      words of love

Where would
      the universe be
without us ?

John Lyons



New life

New life

You whose life is on hold
rise up from your self
shed all past pains
and grasp the day
with eager hands

See how the daffodils
have opened overnight
how effortless their nature
and such beauty
in the spread petals
formed from sunlight
they bring light into the life
you should be leading

I have seen bees toiling
endlessly to advance
the universal purpose
that all things should have
more life increasingly

You whose life is on hold
refuse to lie down
beyond yourself
joy and love await
in the life that fosters
new life

John Lyons

On Crayford Marshes

On Crayford Marshes

Amid the marshes tall pylons stand
           in fields where sheep graze :
adjacent to these pastures
           a field filled with giant bulrushes
more than you could hope to count
           The risk of flooding
has saved the land
           from development

Here is home
           to black-tailed godwit
to snipe and teal and dunlin
           to little grebe and redshanks
to lapwings and herons
           here too proud kingfishers
have established their domain
           and on the banks
of the channels and gulleys
           water voles abound

John Lyons