I’m only asking

I’m only asking

What does your day hold
what are you bringing to it

what hopes and dreams
what gestures of love

for all the hours
that will never return

what have you planned
and what are you prepared

to let unfold
in the summer breeze

what respect for others
and for yourself

will guide your actions
and inform your choices ?

John Lyons

The earth we walk

The earth we walk

Something pure and simple
           on these cold mornings
when there is ice underfoot
           and windows are frosted
birds singing as though
           it were the dawn of time
which for them it is
           just as it is in a sense for us

we live on the threshold
           of the instant our memories
filled with future projects
           it’s all about what is to come
the next move the next step
           each of us with our own agenda
the marriages of hope
           and expectation
the bones we have built up
           for finer things

there are those who live
           on the side of time
and those who resist it
           those who could stare
for hours
           into the heart of a rose
and those who could never
           see the point

We live within the ruins
           of decadence and beauty
new cities will rise up
           on the site of our demise
but not for the moment
           the rose too will wither and die
but not for the moment—
           love all you can
while you can
           the rest is history

John Lyons



Out onto the quiet streets
           clear pale blue sky
and lower temperatures
           the winter respite
during which
           crocuses have appeared
on the edges of the woodland
           trees covered in dense ivy

A moment for reflection for time
           with the solitude of the self
that restless inner voice
           full of temperament
and belief and hope
           the thoughtful mind
that moves through
           the transparent air
through the barometric
           pressures of time
and space and place
           a sense of movement
through the stillness
           of the constructed world
unconsciously conscious
           a human shadow
unseen unheard full of
           compassion for this world
of particles that would
           split the atom

John Lyons


All that is certain
Beyond dispute
The petals in full flush
The gentle fold of her lips
The skin smooth
And soft to the touch
A certain light in the eyes
That never fades
Age imperceptible
The smile ever present
The promise of laughter
Of a kiss
Of a warm embrace
All that is beyond doubt
True for all time
At every pulse and inspiration
What renders the flesh immortal
Nothing nameless or pointless

John Lyons

The great unrest of which we are part

The great unrest of which we are part

As I sat today in solitude
         by the rolling river
my thoughts went floating
         on vast and mystic currents

What is Nature but change
         in all its visible and still more
its invisible processes ?
         Or what is humanity – in its faith
in its love its heroism its poetry
         even in its morals –
but emotion ?

Fifty thousand years ago
         the constellation of the Great Bear
or Dipper was a starry cross
         a hundred thousand years hence
the imaginary Dipper will be upside down
         and the stars
which form the bowl and handle
         will have changed places

The misty nebulae are moving
         and besides are whirling around
in great spirals
         some one way some another
Every molecule of matter
         in the whole universe
is swinging to and fro
         every particle of ether
which fills space
         is in jelly-like vibration
Light is one kind of motion
         heat another
electricity another
         magnetism another
sound another

Every human sense
         is the result of motion
every perception every thought
         is but motion of the molecules
of the brain translated by
         that incomprehensible thing
we call mind
         The processes of growth
of existence and of decay
         whether in worlds
or in the minutest organisms
         are but motion

Adapted from Walt Whitman

Flint flickers

Flint flickers

We from the cave
with tools of stone
have concocted
our own infinity
History is dead life
dry leaves swept up
cast on a futile fire
What outlasts fear
what outlasts hope
what outlasts
the moment
is the beating
loving heart
If time were
an abstraction
we could ignore it
just as we are prone
to ignore beauty
and the truth
Time is fixation
in the moment
of the moment
and actuality
is the real story
time in which
a hand is held
eyes are opened
lips are kissed
meals are shared
care is taken
of those we love
Art comes
from the cave
with its expression
of affinities
and community
art banishes hatred
it incorporates
the warm
instinctive instant
holds it up
to the filter
that is time
so that it may
at last
at least
all but love

John Lyons