Poetry apologises

Poetry apologises

Okay I’m sorry
         a bit late today
late night
         what can I say
         searching for a subject
I’ll get there
         don’t worry
it’s not easy
         a path I’ve chosen
but give me a break
         day after day
crack of dawn
         hoping for inspiration
crying out
         for a new idea
for something to say
         to those who are
sick and tired
         of the dawn chorus
tired of all the roses
         the falling rain
of the errant foxes
         that live by the tracks
and forage in bins
         and back gardens
tired of reading
         about hazel eyes
and silky skin
         and tender lips
and flesh on flesh

Well sorry
         what are dreams
but appetite for a difference
         I’ll get back to you
in the meantime
         I apologise. . .

John Lyons


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