Dancing in Copacabana

Dancing in Copacabana

Dance of ethereal light
on the sheer waters

the shimmering sequins
of her dress

her high black heels
and energy stirring

within her limbs
Iambic Copacabana samba

Feet measured in breaths
poetry that walks the talk

Dance has no beginning
It has no end : is one in itself

We live in a universe of dance
from the sun in waves

Movement scaled over time
and a heart that dances

steps out into the darkness
across the face of the earth

The sea rhythms pounding
on the shore : pulse of eternity

Where is love ? Where are
hope and charity if not here?

Speak of beauty that is 
deeper than skin 

of the sensuous sway of her body
of the elegance and grace of her feet

of the undying dance that may
one day unfold upon the Elysian fields

John Lyons


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