Can of worms

Intuitions, John Lyons (oil on canvas)

Can of worms

All things in flux
           in this timepiece
we call the universe
           mass into energy
energy into mass
           and not even stone
           is set in stone

and who owns the story
           of Romeo and Juliet
the love narratives
           with which we fill our lives
           from dawn to dusk

Off and on
           yes and no
she loves me
           she loves me not
the hopes and dreams
           that sustain the day
and the words we spin
           truths on the tip
of our tongues
           what we believe
and what we wish
           to believe

October sun lingering
           and the fat-bellied moon
swelling to fullness
           the clear skies
the early morning frosts
           and love that gives us a sense
of being alive for a purpose
           nothing more natural
nothing more real
           than love

John Lyons


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