The powers that be

The powers that be

Somehow it all makes sense
           and by that I mean the matter of life
I mean that element of the universe
           that does not die but goes on and on
from here to eternity
           from the first three seconds of creation
to now and beyond
           the energy and mass of the cosmos
and how one is relayed to the other
           and life is the origin of life
just as love is the origin of love
           and nature that hunkers down
for the long winter months
           but as it does so is already
hatching a plan to return in spring
           jealously guarding its secret blossom
until the time is right and it can show
           to the world that it cannot be stopped

Resurrection is relentless because it is
           the ultimate means of survival
and there is not a single form of life
           that is ever ready and willing
to give up the ghost
           to lay down and die

John Lyons


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