Full stop

Full stop

Earlier this morning
           I noticed that something
was ruffling the leaves
           on the branches of a tall bush
just outside my window :
           it wasn’t the wind because
nothing else was moving
           I looked more closely
and saw a tiny green chaffinch
           rocking rhythmically
back and forth as it pecked
           at the fresh green buds
on the bush
            while high up above

under a faultlessly blue sky
           aircraft were leaving
immaculate white trails
           in their wake
and down by the railway line
           I observed a tall tree
without a single leaf
           but with a large crow
perched silently on one of its 
            uppermost branches
and it occurred to me
           for reasons unknown
that the tree was statement
           to which the black bird
provided a very eloquent
           and conclusive full stop

John Lyons

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