To think of time

To think of time

To think of time again
         to think of all things
in retrospect
         and of the years
that lie before me
         eager as I am
to live them to the full
         To think of love
and how love
         has saved me
from myself
         Not a day passes
that I do not think of her
         of the warm pulse
beneath her skin
         of our kisses
and of the way
         she takes me
into her arms
         with total acceptance
the trust within which
         there are no boundaries
To think of the future
         and of how some things
have fallen into decay
         how my veins
have thickened
         and my hair
has lost all colour
         and my limbs
their agility but
          how still the passion
drives me forward
         and how in every
real sense I am
         more alive now
than ever before
         To think of her
and how all caution
         has been thrown
to the wind
         because life
in its beauty
         is only the truth
and love lived
         to their ultimate
         no ifs and no buts

John Lyons


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