Love story – chapter seventeen laid bare

Love story – chapter seventeen laid bare

Mousy brown hair
          neither short nor long
thin frame thin legs
          a pretty face

lips thin ears unseen
          modesty prevailed

A fast walker
          a fast talker
an inquisitive mind
          but softly spoken

Did he hear what she wanted
          or did she want what she heard ?
Was there ice on the road perhaps
          a quick flurry of snow 
just not enough to get excited ?

Did he kiss or she kiss him
          or did they not kiss at all
or did they hug or embrace
          or the arms merely entwine
or did they part with no word
          at all ?


Did she care if he cared
          or even know
what he might feel
          and if she did
did she care really care
          I mean
                    at all ?

John Lyons

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