How many dawns
         do the seagulls rise
to inhabit the air
         to swoop and veer
and lunge through space
         virtuosos of the sky
heading inland only when
         sharp winds blow ?

And where do they sleep ?
          Whoever sees clusters
of white gulls bedding down
         for the night
their wings tucked
         and wrapped
in an immaculate silence ?

Above Lewisham Creek
         two ducks suddenly appear
on the curve of midnight
         rising in a smooth arc
before heading off
         to their nests
The milky stars
         will guide them home
where parents may chide
         the late hours they keep

Last night her parting kiss
         from the root of her being
shook me to the core
         tender and yet spirited
her voice strung out
         upon a glowing wave
of joy and affection
         her dark brown eyes
awash with a soft
         engaging light—our paths
perpendicular to the paths
         that had brought us together

John Lyons



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