Yes but the frost will pass
         at sunrise
when the towering spikes
         of the violet-blue hyacinths
drip with moisture
         Known to Homer
these flowers rise up
         from the blood of a youth
who died too young
         Their complex fragrance
brings with it
         a reminder that all things
must necessarily pass

Hector is in the dust
         Homer too
Achilles and Helen
         the stuff of old tales
but we are not to mourn
         their passing
it is the passage of time
         that adds piquancy
to all our days
         to all our loves

Love is the sacred flag
         of truth unfurled
the thrill of beauty
         comes from its danger
and so we worship her
         under lusts of light
delve deeply
         into the very heart
of her mystery
         content to devour her voice
to feel the unfading warmth
         of her ambrosial breath

John Lyons


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