Warmth of the body
         warmth of the mind
warmth of the heart :
         what we fear most
is coldness and distance
         indifference and disdain
bitterness and division
          Warmth and light
that fire that comes
         from the sun
and which burns
         in the soul
the light in her eyes
         the warm touch
of her body
         the gift of love
that lowers the barriers
         to intimacy
the warm breaths that mingle
         on a frosty morning
the pleasure in completeness
          The attraction is in our elements
the perpetual reproduction
         of love in the mirrored image
one sky indivisible
         enriched by our bonding

How lightly the rose
         wears the light
the slender stems
         reaching upwards
the soft petals opening
         to the morning dew :
a beauty that knows
         no complaint
the heart and the head
         one and the same
and love all the reason
         that is needed

John Lyons

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