An image of childhood

An image of childhood

perhaps not words
           but a mind built
from sensations
           from feelings
from silent experiences
           from gestures
from acts of kindness
           of gentleness and affection
an innocence valued
           speechless and yet
           brief light

brief summer
           all that may be forgotten
but never is
           the quiet pulse of trust
of belief in others
           belief in another
simple numbers
           one two and three
a home with a small garden
           perhaps trees to climb
roses in a bed
           centre of the lawn
the summer light
           caught on the fruit
peach and plum
           and apple and cherry
a mind shaped
           by emotion
if words at all
           words that caress
           in lieu of challenges

a wholeness
           in which identities
are prized
           above knowledge
voices nurtured
           language suffused
with understanding
           and love
no fear of eternity
           no fear

John Lyons

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