Caution to the wind

Caution to the wind

We never can be born enough :
           to be born is to feel
and to express those feelings
           with words decisively
and to write like nobody else
           when everybody writes
like everybody else

We are born to eternity
           to breath and to feeling
to warmth and to love
           and to words

Born to speak and to write
           from our indefatigable destiny
and from the intrinsic truth
           and humility of our inalienable voice

Nothing false
           nothing hating
nothing loveless
           nothing easy
nothing small
           nothing ordinary
nothing empty or unreal
           nothing feeble
nothing clumsy
           nothing guessed
nothing fearful
           nothing nowhere
nothing nonsense
           but always
innocent and eager
           and flesh and blood
and impossible
           and impetuous
and daring and tender
           and now or never
soul over heart over 
           hand over mouth
always caution
           to the wind

John Lyons


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