Love not of words
           but deeds and actions
life fleshed out
           in passionate embrace
a consonance
           of unashamed breath
and voices locked
           in a single refrain

Sound silence
           of omnipresent love
bodily conceived
           budded in the rose
star-strewn love
           tender the touch
of her breast
           on his breast
lush lips singularly
his hands drawn
           to the lobes of her ears
to the hollow of her throat
           to her hair
to her waist
           to the limbs that flow below
to her glistering eyes
           to the ardent truth
of her warm disposition
           to the shapely
dance of her step
           to the banter of sea
that flows in her blood
           to the body
that knows more than her head
           to desire just
as the sun rises
           to a crescent moon

John Lyons


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