September and with it
           come days that taunt us
with blue skies and hoarfrost
           in the meadows at dawn
falling temperatures
           and the defeat
of summer memories
           as though life expects us to lie down
and give up the ghost
           without a struggle

But no
           love retains secret pockets
of warmth and light
           to see us through the winter
through the bitter cold
           of ice and snow

Chestnut leaves are turning
           to a dull crisp brown
the shiny fruit splitting
           free from its spiky shells
the games we played
           with those conkers long gone

But the consolations of love
           will sustain us with livable time and space
to see us through the coming months
           invincible love will flower
once again in spring
           the love that burns
within the sanctuary
           of the eternal soul

John Lyons


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