Apple and orange


Apples and orange, by John Lyons

Apple and orange

What have we here
           a painting of three
two alike and one non
the fruit of life :
           nothing concords
with art
           and words
are not replicas
           the paint is unique
neither good nor bad
           just of itself

as is love
           neither one thing
nor another
           merely itself
and there is texture
           and feinted shadows
and a ripeness
           that goes to the core
but this is life
           apples and orange
trying to capture life
           availing itself
of the materials to hand
           love that extemporizes
that is love
           that exists beyond
the realm of times
           love that shifts its shape
and its complexion
           but is always original

because repetition
           is a myth created
by Plato since there is
           nothing old under the sun
and love is evolution
           and constant innovation
and art couldn’t care less
           or give a damn
for anything else
           except love

John Lyons


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