Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout

A rainbow trout moving
           between the large stones
that lie in the shallow waters
           by the river bank
It darts here and there
           as my shadow falls
across the idle stream
           but it does not disappear
perhaps it is playing a game
           sees me but is not afraid
perhaps a challenge
           a catch-me-if you can
knows I’m not a kingfisher
           just a man with a rod
and a hook and a fly
           on the end of a line

Light made its body
           just as it made
the fishing bird
           and many of the colours
they share : unlike us
           who grow up so many
and from a common model
           so distinctively diverse

The trout moves gently
           through the water
flexing a body that acts
           as a single muscular pulse
confident in its strengths
           disdainful of all else
Fins for feathers
           and in its element it knows
that more often than not
           it can outwit whoever
whatever would try
           to catch it out

John Lyons

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