Window of opportunity

Window, John Lyons (oil on canvas)

Window of opportunity

What sunrise gives us
           each day is sky
limitless space in which
           to cast our dreams
as far as the eye
           can see

No longer enclosed
           in darkness
the imagination
           can run riot
all things being

even now
           the birds have
changed their tune
           and are singing
a song they learnt
           on Broadway

Blue sky
           more profound
than any ocean
           and it takes
only a mind to navigate it
           a mind and a brave
heart scudding along
           on waves of poetry

the hawthorn
           will soon be in flower
and roses will follow on
           from daffodils
nests will fill
           and field populations
will swell
           with new birth

and the city
           will pick up its feet
and dance
           late into the night
each day a promise
           each night a fulfillment
and your breath
           and your pulse will race
to the end of love’s
           sweet palpitation

John Lyons

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