Words in time

Words in time

Poetry that grows
out of deep need
words taken to shape lines
To inflect significance
The wings of which
ripple on the summer air
To ascribe some meaning
to this thing we call life
the four corners
filled with words
all of which are
as a second creation
reaffirming the first
Before the word
there was the unvoiced void
a soul-silence
that feared the roar
of lions and other beasts
those creatures
who in the hunting
stole the light away
words then
that sprang up
in the cranial cavity
and were breathed
through the open mouth
sibilant syllables
fed by the desire
to touch others
with the mind
to share the delights
of consciousness
around an open fire
quantity and quality
ardent language that cuts
through the mist
that levels the earth
and along with the birth
of the mind the creation
of devils and angels
and a heaven out of hell
words with which to warm
the wayward heart

John Lyons

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