Resurrecting the day

Resurrecting the day

The early morning air misty
           and heavy with summer scents
and through the silence
           of the reawakening day
come the raucous cries
           of crow and magpie
black and black and white
           and still a primeval innocence
as on that first day
           before there were days
and no note was taken
           and in the distance
the tall trees a shadow
           of themselves though the sun
will soon lift the mantle
           of stupour

Footsteps hasten along the street
           headed for the station
to the train that will transport them
           to a different territory
and all the life that that entails
           Under the moon there may have been
a night of passion or of despair
           or of nothing but the repetition
of nothing with no softness
           or no caress nor any word
of kindness to lift the soul
           the day now ahead
to be improvised
           the rich red rose to be admired
and love never to be forgotten
           and hope never to be abandoned

John Lyons


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