Maximus of Gloucester

Maximus of Gloucester

. . . as it has always been
           Olson is talking about
the moral struggle
           here as in America
or ancient Greece
           or down among
the Guatemalan Mayans
           a struggle over the land
over property over
           who owns the fish
in the sea
           does anyone hold
a title to them
           inherited from whom
the origins of ownership
           just as one bird may steal
the food from another
           to feed its young

who owns the discourse
           who owns the language
who owns art and poetry
           the pomposity of some
so-called professionals
           who despise the amateur
who look down on all from
           their towering ignorant egos
Truth is the holy grail
           and beauty shall be known
by its innocence
           by its wholesome disclosure
as it has always been
           the struggle is moral

John Lyons


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