A live worm

A live worm

After the rain
           I see a large thrush
tugging at a patch of grass
           to extract a live worm
that the moisture has driven
           to the surface

So one life feeds another
           and I move about the world
with my eyes open
          harbouring what Olson called
the root curiosity
           and there’s so much to see
so much with which
           to nourish the senses

I walk rhythmically
           but constantly on the lookout
for what has changed
           for what is the same
and for all the differences
           It rains often here
but no two rains
           are ever the same
no two birds
           no two clouds
no two paths
           no two stars

and the perplexed mind settles
           for what sustenance it can get
as it moves on through the days
           through the nights
And in the end my hopes
           my dreams my fears
are of no consequence
           provided there is love

John Lyons

The above text has been modified from an earlier post


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