A song for January

A song for January

Handsome blood formed in the womb
           with accurate eye seeks to bond
with impeccable scruple
           Fresh from the toil of night
they shift into the morning rhythms
           bold rise of sun and bird song
and all objective freshness :
           he delights in the intimate intricacy
of her beauty and raises fingers
           five to her lips
caresses the structure
           of her warm being and makes
of each gesture an annunciation
           love held in the palm of his hand

Beauty and light are but the variations
           of this truth illuminated
in the complexities of her skin
           This we might call the earth dance
the conjoining of destinies
           tender bones bound at the hip
gentle waves of universe that flow
           from one to the other
and the soft satin glow
           of their articulate joy

John Lyons



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