Back in the day

Cityscape, John Lyons (oil on canvas)

Back in the day

           we would wander up
to the lake
           go boating
or sun ourselves
           in the open air pool
the lake is still there
           the small rowboats
that encouraged the swans
           to keep to themselves

The grass is no greener
           than it was
when we were children
           sometimes the summers
were long and hot
           sometimes not
since then
           so much has passed
and yet still
           so much remains

John Lyons


One thought on “Back in the day

  1. Danson Park ! So many happy Summers spent in that lovely place . Shivering beside the cool turquoise pool then plunging in trying to convince yourself that it is as warm as the Med .
    The Mothers and Aunties telling us it will be lovely once you are in but they remain wrapped up in coats and head scarfs sipping tea from tartan flasks .
    John Joseph Lyons , a writer of memories and deep emotions transports us back with his beautiful words .


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